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Columns are a love-hate relationship.  They provide the support necessary for your home but also get in the way of the perfect flow or view.  This particular column exists at the end of an entryway and beginning of a kitchen.  A girthy 24" wide or a hair more in some places as its more ovicular at some points than others. I was commissioned by the home owner to design, fabricate, and install a bar around this column in order to make the column more functional than just support.  After discussion, the client and I found the circle to be the best fit for their home.  The circle allows the most amount of flow and one can walk around it without catching a corner to the stomach. With little tolerance I found the best construction technique would be for pre-fabrication off site with CNC milling.  This allowed for precise cuts and illustrated ribbing.  With help of Miami Design Shop I was able to precisely cut all pieces off site and install on site. 

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