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Exploring the idea of being able to harness creative thought. Houghton House in Geneva, NY is home to the architecture department of Hobart and William Smith Colleges students. The front of the building has flat terrain and a drive while the back of the building begins to slope down hill to a forested area.  I saw this "pocket" behind Houghton House to be the perfect area to ease into creative thought.  Exiting Houghton House to a concrete patio that will be populated with working students in a communal and open area.  As one walks towards the middle of the Light Garden they come to the Light House that curates ambient light.  This light allows one to relax and decompose from a stressful day or studio session. One would continue walking into the material pathway which aims to create surreal moments from calm and communal to juxtaposed and individual.  Entering a point where overloading one's senses after the calm, ambient light, could allow ones unconscious to begin thinking leading to revelations in the conscious.

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