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To Be Determined, T.B.D., is my creative identity I founded in 2015.  T.B.D. focuses on digesting the world around and producing meaningful creations from this digestion.  Looking to make a more meaningful world through product development and using reason as the best tool for design.  Re-approaching already concrete ideas and questioning the acceptance of daily products.  The reason I titled this creative identity "To Be Determined" is because I find myself ever-evolving and always looking to expand my disciplines.  One day I may enjoy luxurious concrete and create a project based through this medium.  The next day I could be interested in buoyancy and begin studying how water works with different materials.  I never want to title myself as this person or that person.  Quite frankly, if you ask me to make something, I'll do it.  To Be Determined supplies those who think through their thoughts.

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