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Orville Redenbacher; Kristen Bell & Dax Shepard

180NY -  Creative Producer | Designer | Fabricator

Kristen Bell DM's Orville Redenbacher for a custom box of Movie Butter Popcorn.  They have an inside joke going where the popcorn they get has way too much butter.  They have different levels of popcorn and titles for these levels.  Kristen requested a custom box so we made them a "DAX'S TOO MUCH &%@$#*! BUTTER" custom box. The packaging was featured on Jimmy Kimmel Live and the packaged talked about.  We did background research on Dax and learned he enjoyed dune buggies.  We found a R/C car that was very similar and modified/customized the R/C car to include.  The modifications made were so the R/C car can carry popcorn.  Vinyl wrapped the car with custom Orville Redenbacher kernels.

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