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TBD In Process™

TBD In Process™ is a trans-disciplinary studio I founded in 2017.  This studio practice is an exploration of design ideas and how they can be produced through machining.  Learning more has always been the mission.  With learning, my design and construction approach become more sound. I've had the opportunity to work with creatives, brands, and companies such as  Jeff Staple,  Nike, The Standard, and others. TBD In Process™ exists between creative and fabrication

bridging the gap between imagination and reality.

Exploded Box.jpg

Design and creative fabrication for Back Market sending international influencer kits.


Pop-up presenting past iterations of products.  Sketches, models, material studies on display.


Anniversary celebration at Flight Club Miami.  Custom TBD In Process™ AF1 experience.


Collaboration with Jeff Staple creating 35 limited AF1s released through the NTWRK app.


Art Basel 2019.  26 Birdhouses installed in outdoor walk space.


Constructed multiple pairs of AF1s for Bad Bunny throughout 2019.


85 pairs sold in 12 hours to 13 countries. Worn by JLo.


A call to action, "CTA", in real life.  A collaboration with Nike and Shoe Gallery of Miami.


A neutral solution for vibrant and sought after footwear.

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