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Multi Color Thermoformed AF1

With an audience growing for TBD’s Thermoformed AF1 releases there was an interest for a shoe that had all the colors in one pair. JLo was one of the first to receive a pair and enjoyed wearing them at different times. TBD’s webstore had thousands of visitors daily leading up to the release and day of release. 85 pairs were sold in 12 hours before closing the site. These pairs were sent around the world to 13 different countries. These were produced in 2 weeks and shipped out. A designed and well maintained production line allowed for a smooth process and clean fabrication for all orders.

Mens 2-01.png
Swoosh close.jpg
Lace Charm.jpg
Back Close.jpg
Men Side View.jpg
Men Front.jpg
Men Pink Swoosh.jpg
Authentication Card.jpg
Woman on car.jpg
Men Back.jpg
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