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Professional Work

I've had amazing opportunities to work for companies that produce meaningful and quality work.  Two companies worth noting are Miami Design Shop and 180NY.  While at Miami Design Shop I was a Designer | Machinist | Fabricator at different times for different projects.  180NY was an awesome experience for an agency that operates social first.  I was grateful to grow from a Creative Producer to a Director of Creative Fabrication while at 180NY.  Reacting to social happenings with custom built send outs that create a further buzz.

side view.jpg

Custom packaging for Kristen Bell to give to Dax.  Crafted custom R/C card to carry popcorn.


Build out and installation at Nike Miami store on Lincoln Road, Miami Beach for Super Bowl LIV.

Screenshot 2023-06-15 at 11.57.09 AM.png

Product release campaign paired with influencer unboxing experience.  Inspired form Japanese trick boxes.


MTN DEW Gaming creates gear for Kevin, Tim the Tatman's plush penguin sidekick who is always with him.


MIU MIU presented their Marble Stool during Art Basel 2019.  Fabrication and installation of environment around 15ft tall stool.

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