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Sony Unboxing Experience

180NY -  Creative Producer | Designer | Fabricator

An unboxing experience that pushed the boundaries of how a box can be opened.  This unboxing experience used mixed reality to reveal the product inside.  The Sony Linkbuds were secured in the center of this box and influencers were taken on a journey to get there.  Along the way they were informed about the product including facts and design details.  The box design gave a nod to the product through recycled materials and other compostable materials.  A digital journey for a physical product.  Users downloaded an app that lead them through a step by step process to unlock their box to receive their headphones.  The process for unlocking the box was inspired from Japanese trick boxes. We worked with international and local partners to produce this unboxing experience.  The box was designed in house with a construction approach and construction files for machining.  This allowed a streamlined production and control of the details of the build. 

Screenshot 2023-06-15 at 12.01.30 PM.png
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