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MTN DEW Gaming - Kitting Kevin

180NY -  Director of Creative Fabrication | Designer | Fabricator

Tim the Tatman is a known Gamer and Streamer playing video games of all kinds with large online audiences.  His partner throughout his gaming experiences is Kevin - a stuffed penguin incorporated into his lore and streams.  Kevin needed a new kit for gaming with Tim.  We designed and 3D printed a custom headset and proportionate MTN DEW can for Kevin to use while streaming.  After a quick measuring session, we made a custom cut and sewn shirt for Kevin.  This shirt has Tim's face on it to cheer him on while gaming.  Tim also received a shirt with Kevin's face.  3D files were created in-house from Kevin's measurements for the can and headset. Components were toyified to function with Kevin.  A hollowed hole within the printed can allowed for a rubber band to snake through for easy flipper attachment.  Headphones were thermoformed in place to fit Kevin's head.

MTN DEW Tim Streaming_4.24.23.jpg
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