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Pick Up Trash AF1; Nike, TBD, SG

Art Basel brings an abundance of people and events to Miami for a week.  The city takes a beating. Some events are directly on the beach and the amount of trash behind is noticeable.  TBD worked with Nike and Shoe Gallery of Miami to release a pair of shoes.  We raffled the shoes off during Art Basel of 2019.  The proceeds from the raffle went to Surf Rider Miami who actively protects Miami's waters.  Proceeds were also given to a local youth organization in Miami.  The design of the shoes included branding from all three collaborators.  The special touch for this pair was the engraving on the sole of the shoes.  We engraved "PICK UP TRASH" mirrored on the sole of the shoe.  This allowed for an imprint to be read when the user walks with the shoes.  "PICK UP TRASH" is left with each imprint, especially when walking on the beach.

Nike 1_edited.png
Nike 2_edited.png
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